About the artist

I am a Finnish self-taught artist based in Regensburg, Germany. I have a Master’s degree in genetics from the University of Oulu, but I have been working as an artist since 2018. I paint mostly with acrylics, but I also enjoy working with watercolor, especially combined with stippling.

I am inspired by colors and wildlife. A childhood spent snorkeling in tropical waters and hiking in rainforests has left me with a permanent sense of wanderlust, and in complete awe of our incredible biosphere.


At the same time I am filled with eco-anxiety, and I am deeply troubled by the effects of climate change and human impact on countless animal species. With my art I hope not only to bring happiness to the viewer and remind them of the beauty around us, but to also help raise awareness for endangered animals, and to directly aid wildlife conservation efforts by donating to various organizations from my proceeds.

My piece “L’emur toujours” was shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the Year 2021, and my painting “Stealth” is part of the 2021 invitational collection for Sketch for Survival, a global art initiative in aid of conservation.







♦ Animals are close to my heart. This is why I donate 15% of proceeds to wildlife conservation. Currently I donate to the PADI AWARE Foundation and the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

♦ You can buy artwork and prints from me directly - just send me a message. I'm happy to provide you with more details and pictures. I accept PayPal and direct bank transfers.


Johanna Excell